I have been so happy and privileged to have looked after so many wonderful clients this year 2023 . The reviews have been outstanding and I am truly grateful to all my clients for taking the time to let me know how happy they have been with the services both I and my expert chauffeurs have provided. This is one of the beautiful letters I received in September from John and Hope Murtaugh.

Hello Liana,

We are writing to thank you for all your insights and work to arrange our “dream trip” to Ireland, Sept. 17 – 25.  We are so glad we found you and All Ireland Chauffeur Tours.  You were responsive when we needed it, patient when we needed it, and you guided the building of our itinerary with a deft touch.  We especially appreciated how you listened to our limited input and aligned with our priorities:  Cong and The Quiet Man sites, the Cliffs of Mohr, and a bit more.  Simply put, everything you arranged for us worked out beautifully, and we have a new appreciation, and a deeper love for Ireland.  Truthfully, when we made our initial reservations for the chauffeur tour, we did not understand that you would make all of our reservations for us, and that became something we truly appreciated, before, during and after the trip!
The chauffeur you arranged for us, Barry Reilly, was a delight, and an excellent fit for our personalities and our attitudes about the tour.  Beyond the humor we all shared, Barry had extremely valuable knowledge that helped us find great alternate sites and activities when the frequent rain made it impractical to do some of our planned events.  He adapted well to our schedule and revisions on a daily basis.  We also appreciated that he was always a very safe driver.
It is also worth noting that when we told other Americans in the airports and airplanes on our way home about our trip, and how glad we were to have had a chauffeur, they all wished they had done the same!
All of these elements combined to help us enjoy almost every minute of our tour, even in the face of many hours (or days) of rain during the trip.  While we don’t know when we will be able to make it back to Ireland, we look forward to checking in with you again when we are ready to start planning.  I hope that next time, we will see what you can do with even more than six weeks to plan and arrange everything!
With warmest regards,
David and Hope Murtaugh
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