Chauffeur Tours Ireland

Chauffeur Tours Ireland: Comprehensive Guide to Irish Luxury Private Tours

Chauffeur Tours Ireland

A European trip is never complete without a visit to one of the most stunning islands this side of the world – Ireland.

It may be small, but this captivating country doesn’t fall short in terms of attractions and activities for tourists. In fact, as many previous visitors put it, a single visit is never enough to thoroughly explore this majestic island. There’s just so much to see and do that you’ll definitely have to come back!

Indeed, the Emerald Isle has a lot of things in store for all types of travellers – solo, group, nature lovers, adventure seekers and even movie/TV buffs. It is an idyllic country, one that would surely be forever etched in your memory.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Search for and read reviews from fellow travellers and you’ll know that this is not just hype or the usual marketing spiel.

In fact, visitors love Ireland so much that they have voted it as one of the best countries for travel experiences in 2018.

But Ireland is not just about scenic spots and entertaining activities. Its warm people also add to this country’s appeal.

In 2018, three Irish cities made it to Conde Nast Traveller’s survey for the friendliest cities in the world. The cosmopolitan city of Cork, famous for its English Market, was third on the list. Meanwhile, the charming town of Galway and the bustling city of Dublin placed fifth and eighth respectively.

Without a doubt, Ireland should be on your must-visit list of places. You won’t regret it, we promise!

Breath-taking sceneries, immersive activities and friendly locals – these are just some of the many things that await you in the Emerald Isle.

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Why Opt for Chauffeur Tours When Visiting Ireland

No contest, the best way to explore this island is via private chauffeur tour.


This travel option makes your trip more convenient and relaxing.

You do not have to concern yourself about travelling from one destination to another. You also do not have to worry about getting lost or being late.

Instead of being preoccupied with memorising routes or reaching your destination on time, you can simply enjoy the view en route to your destination. This is possible because you have a capable chauffeur, one who knows the country’s roads by heart. Plus, there is also the fact that you would be going around the island aboard a comfortable vehicle.

You see, operators of chauffeur tours understand that the quality and the condition of their vehicles matter. It can make or break their clients’ travel experience. 

Hence, these operators, particularly the trusted ones, ensure that their vehicles are always in excellent condition – clean, comfy and safe.

Furthermore, to give their clients a truly luxurious tour, they only utilise vehicles manufactured by trusted carmakers. For example, All Ireland Chauffeur Tours’ fleet of vehicles is by Mercedes – a luxury brand known for its high-end, elegant cars.

Exploring Ireland in a luxury vehicle is undeniably stylish. More importantly, it is comfortable and safe.

There is also the fact that these tours are led by a capable travel guide. This is important because the guide is like the lifeblood of the trip. He/She is responsible for keeping things organised and interesting.

Without a competent tour guide, things can be dull and chaotic. Instead of having a good time, you might end up stressed and frustrated.

So, if you want your vacation to be well worth your money, see to it that leading your tour is an experienced tour guide.

Lastly, a private chauffeur tour allows you to enjoy every moment of your trip. There is no need to interact with strangers and keep up with them which is the case with the usual group tours.

In a private chauffeur tour, it is all about you and your companions. It is your tour, your interests. You decide what places to visit and what activities to do. You also dictate the pace of the tour as well. Want to spend longer time at a specific location? This could be arranged provided that you inform your travel company ahead of time.

Simply put:

A chauffeur tour allows you to explore Ireland in a hassle-free, leisurely manner. It makes it possible for you to have that once in lifetime vacation you’ve always dreamt of.

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How to Look for a Chauffeur Tours Provider in Ireland

There is no shortage of enterprises organising travels in Ireland. In fact, when it comes to this specific type of product – chauffeur tour, you would surely find several providers.

Nowadays, the easiest way to find a travel company is through the Internet. Simply using phrases like “chauffeur tours Ireland” on Google search would lead you to a list of companies offering this service.

A word of caution:

Do not pick the provider that appears first on the list. Being number one on a search engine’s results page is not an indication that the company is the best in the industry.

You still need to do your due diligence. You must research about the companies on the list before you start transacting with them.


Your work does not stop when the search engine displays the results of your search query. This is just the first step to finding the best chauffeur tours provider Ireland has to offer.

Once you see the results, list down five or ten of the companies in there and start gathering information about them.

When choosing a tour provider, use the guide questions below to determine which one is the best:

Does the company have a good reputation? The best way to know if a travel company is going to be worth your money is to find out what its reputation is.

A good chauffeur tours provider is one that is known for providing organised and memorable trips. It is also consistently lauded for delivering first-rate customer service – cordial staff, prompt assistance, client-centred, etc.

So, how do you find out if the company is any good?

Look for feedback from travellers who have used the company’s service before. You can use the Internet to accomplish this task.

Nowadays, travel companies display reviews on their website. Hence, all you have to do is go to the official website of the firm you are eyeing and look for client testimonials.

The other option is to visit online business directories like Yelp and Google My Business page. You can also check review sites for travellers like TripAdvisor. 

Try to find out what previous clients are saying about the company’s service, tours and even their fleet of vehicles.

It is simple, right? It wouldn’t even take you an entire day to do a reputation check.

So, whether you are from Canada or the United States, there’s no excuse for you to not do this task.

Just remember:

The goal here is to determine which amongst those on the list has consistently good reviews.

It is not about finding a provider with a squeaky-clean reputation (as this is rare). Even the most recommended company is surely going to have a handful of bad reviews.

What are its products and services? Here, what you want to know are the different private tours the company offers.

Some providers have a handful of predesigned tour packages, while others only have few. Naturally, you want a travel firm that provides the kind of tour you want. If it does not, find out if the company allows clients to personalise their trips.

A customised chauffeur trip is a product offered by some travel companies. This is meant for travellers who have a clear idea of what they want to see and do in Ireland. You can get this product if the other tour packages the company has do not satisfy your interest.

One thing:

When you go for a customised trip, make sure that you properly communicate with the travel company. Be specific about what you want.

Only when you are clear about your desires will the travel company be able to create a trip that you will love.

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How much would the trip cost? As this is a luxury tour, you already know that the price wouldn’t be cheap. This does not mean, however, that you should not mind the price.

Know exactly how much you’d be spending and what you are spending for. Ensure that there are no hidden charges to avoid surprises later on.


Please do not equate high price with excellent product/service. Just because it is the most expensive tour, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is the best one out there.

So, do not make the mistake of choosing a travel company just because it is the priciest on the list.

Once you’ve chosen your chauffeur tours provider in Ireland, the next step is to get in touch with the company and start discussing the trip. This includes the tours you would be taking, accommodation arrangements, itineraries, etc.

What Luxury Private Tours Are There in Ireland?

Choosing private tours to take during your visit to Ireland is as challenging as picking a travel company.

As mentioned earlier, Ireland is brimming with impressive attractions and must-do activities. This is also why there is a plethora of tours being offered.

Listed below are some of the popular chauffeur tours in Ireland:

Motion Picture Tour

Found all over the Emerald Isle are numerous postcard-worthy sights – rolling, green hills and vast, blue seas to name a few. It is an island teeming with vistas which are so picturesque that even TV and movie directors couldn’t resist shooting in some of these locations. In fact, numerous shows and movies have been filmed here that tour operators organise what’s called a motion picture tour.

The tours usually include Youghal in Cork which was featured in the 1956 movie Moby Dick. This gem of a place was the location of “New Bedford”.  To commemorate its momentous inclusion in the movie, this seaside town hosts Moby Dick events yearly.

There is also county Mayo and the village of Cong which were some of the featured locations in the movie The Quiet Man. The Ashford Castle, where a number of the scenes were filmed, has been converted into a hotel.

For Potterheads, you can go and see The Cliffs of Moher which was shown in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Meanwhile, Mel Gibson’s Braveheart featured one of Ireland’s largest Norman castles – Trim Castle.

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Northern Tour

Another tour that’s widely offered in Ireland is the Northern tour. As the name suggests, this is all about the sites north of the Emerald Isle.

Northern Ireland is a complete package. It has vibrant cities and towns, iconic beaches and verdant forests amongst others. It is even home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Giant’s Causeway. Expect to leave in awe of these enigmatic basalt columns and fascinated with the legend surrounding it.

This part of the Emerald Isle is also rich in history. Here you’ll find the first church St. Patrick founded. It’s also home to the place where Titanic was constructed as well as the world’s oldest whiskey distillery.

What’s currently drawing attention though are the places where the celebrated show Game of Thrones were shot. Fans of the show have trooped to these locations the past years. Hence, from being the Emerald Isle’s best kept secret, Northern Ireland has now become one the most visited areas in the country.

Gourmet Food Tour

Love food? Are you fond of sampling local dishes during your trips? If you answered yes to both questions, then a gourmet food tour is something you must do.

Over the years, Ireland has slowly carved a name for itself in the food scene. In fact, it is noted as the home of some of the best food in Europe.

When speaking about local dishes, Irish stew is definitely on the list of food visitors must try. Traditionally, the primary protein used in this dish is mutton. However, over the years, more cooks are using lamb mainly because it is said to be tastier and more accessible.

Another local food you must sample is colcannon. It is basically mashed potatoes with butter or cream, cabbage and spring onions. This potato recipe is popularly served during St. Patrick’s Day.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something more elevated, why not hit Ireland’s best restaurants and gastro pubs? Did you know that this island is home to several Michelin-starred restaurants? In fact, there are 16 Michelin-starred restaurants as of 2019.

In addition to its famous local dishes and Michelin-recommended restaurants, the Emerald Isle boasts of artisan food products. You can sample the fare from renowned cheesemakers, chocolatiers and smokehouses. Then, there are also the distilleries and breweries which produce exceptional wine, whiskey and beer, including Guinness – the country’s famous dry stout.

Remember, it can be impossible to do all the tours in one visit. So, to help you decide which trips to take, think about your interests. This should make it easier for you to narrow down your options. Alternatively, you can always talk to your chosen chauffeur tour provider in Ireland to determine the best activities for you.

Interested in private chauffeur tours in Ireland? We offer the best luxury trips in the country! Visit our website now or call us at (T) + 353 (0)51 325969 or (M) 353 (0)87 6613619.

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