Galway – Ireland’s Top Foodie Destination for 2020

Galway – Ireland’s Top Foodie Destination for 2020

Galway – Ireland’s Top Foodie Destination for 2020

Galway , Ireland

The BBC Food Group named Galway as the world’s top foodie destination for 2020. It bested other blossoming culinary hubs like Lyon, Porto and Marrakesh.

This distinction comes at an opportune time as Galway has also been named as a 2020 European Capital of Culture. All throughout the year, the city is going to be hosting over 1,900 arts and culture activities. These events, which begin on the 1st of February, are expected to draw in thousands of local visitors as well as international ones from at least 30 countries.

While the celebration is for arts and culture, food is expected to be an integral part of the festivities. Visitors are going to be treated to gastronomic delights made using pristine produce from the region’s fertile lands and rich seas.

Galway Food Tour

Back then, Galway was only known as a bustling college town with a lively pub scene. Nowadays, the city prides itself as the country’s culinary capital.

While some say that Galway’s ascent to the top of Ireland’s food scene happened fast, it is certainly not what you’d call an overnight success. For many years, the county quietly spearheaded a culinary revolution. This effort did not go unnoticed because in 2018 Galway earned the status of European Region of Gastronomy.

These days, this region is abuzz with food festivals which attract tourists from all over the country and the world. It is also home to world-class restaurants (2 of which have Michelin stars) and vibrant pubs that have embraced the “farm to fork” and “sea to plate” approaches.

Truly, Galway warrants a visit from anyone who wishes to get a taste of Irish food fare. Luxury tour providers offer gourmet food tours which are carefully curated to suit the palates of their guests. This can include visits to Michelin-starred restaurants like Loam and Aniar for refined dishes and well-loved local eateries for their fresh seafood fare and hearty breakfast offerings.

Galway’s Sites and Festivals

It should be noted, however, that Galway is more than just a county with a booming food scene. It is a place with attractions and activities which can make Ireland vacations more memorable. This is one of the reasons why experienced luxury chauffeur tour planners include Galway in the itinerary of their clients.

Much like the rest of the Emerald Isle, the county has its fair share of impressive natural and man-made vistas.

Situated in the middle of the Wild Atlantic Way, Galway is said to be the heart of this coastal trail which boasts stunning views of the Atlantic sea. Just at the edge of the city, you’d find Salthill Promenade – a 2-kilometre walkway that showcases beautiful panoramas of the Galway Bay and the Aran Islands. This is the place to be if you wish to take a stroll while breathing in the fresh, sea air.

There is also Connemara – a mountainous expanse surrounded by dramatic countryside landscapes. One of the popular attractions here is the Connemara National Park which is an ideal place to marvel at the region’s unspoilt natural beauty and the iconic Twelve Bens.

Meanwhile, for picture-worthy historic sites, head to the Latin Quarter. Walk its cobbled streets to get a feel of what medieval Galway was like. Some of the famous landmarks include the Spanish Arc, built in the 16th century, and the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, finished in 1320.

Excellent food & magnificent sites – what else could Galway offer? Festivals! All year-round, this gem of a place hosts several renowned festivals. Food, literature, arts and even oysters – these are just some of the things that are celebrated in this county.

Without a doubt, Galway should be one of your stops when you tour Ireland. With all the accolades that it has been receiving, now is indeed the best time to visit this food and cultural hotspot.

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Image by Alain Rouiller from Flickr, (CC BY-SA 2.0

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