Luxury Private Tours Ireland – When Is the Best Time to Visit

Luxury Private Tours Ireland – When Is the Best Time to Visit?

In Ireland, the ideal time to visit is during summer. Spring and fall are likewise good times to schedule luxury private tours.

Please know, however, that the weather condition is not the only factor that determines the best time to visit the Emerald Isle. Your travel preferences also matter in this regard, i.e., visiting when the country is not crowded or wanting to experience Irish festivals.

To help you decide when to schedule your visit to this majestic island, we’ve put together a guide below:

Visiting Ireland During Summer

Summer is said to be the best time to visit Ireland. This is mainly because of the excellent weather condition. During this season, warm weather envelops the nation with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 19°C.

The chance of rain is also minimal during summertime. This is rare in this beautiful island where precipitation is a normal occurrence, day in and day out.

With the warm temperature and longer daylight (15 hours), summer is undeniably the perfect time to see the splendour of Irish natural wonders such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway. This is also the best time to drive along coastal roads like the Wild Atlantic Way or go on Irish outdoor adventures and schedule activities like hillwalking and kayaking.

July (the height of Irish summer) and August are peak travel months. Hence, most of the seaside spots and must-see places in Ireland are packed with visitors.

Spring and Fall Holidays in the Emerald Isle

Aside from summer, spring and fall are the other recommended times to visit Ireland. During these seasons, weather is predominantly cool (chilly particularly right before and after winter) but devoid of heavy rainfall.

In spring, the island comes to life as manicured gardens, rolling hills and forests become verdant again. Sceneries are bursting with colours (blue, yellow, orange, etc) as flowers bloom. Even stone walls are carpeted with weeds and wildflowers. Truly, during this season, your eyes are going to feast on lush, vibrant and picture-worthy vistas.

May is the ideal Spring month to schedule a chauffeur driven tour in Ireland. During this time, temperatures are at balmy levels and days are longer. Most major attractions are also open but are not teeming with tourists.

However, some brave the slightly chilly weather in March to experience how Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Dubbed as the biggest festival in the Emerald Isle, this holiday features a celebration like no other with parades and free workshops to name a few.

Fall panoramas are equally as picturesque as those of spring and summer. Landscapes are painted in hues of purple, gold and orange.

Come September, the tourist crowds thin out which makes it an excellent time to visit popular Irish destinations. Several festivals that celebrate the country’s literature, music and food culture are held during this season. Hence, there’s still so much to look forward to during the so-called off-peak season.

Furthermore, the weather is still pleasantly warm (and drier), making this a good month for outdoor activities. In fact, September and October are the recommended times to go surfing because the swells are at their highest.

In summary, summer is the best time to go on a private tour in Ireland, especially if you want to explore the island’s top tourist spots under excellent weather condition. However, if you want to avoid the crowds, schedule your visit in Spring or Fall, specifically the months of April, May and September.

Are you planning to go on a luxury private tour in Ireland? Let our travel experts help you decide when the best time is for you to visit this spectacular island. Visit our website now or call us at (T) + 353 (0)51 325969 or (M) 353 (0)87 6613619.


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