Luxury Wild Atlantic Way Tour – What Should You Expect

Luxury Wild Atlantic Way Tour – What Should You Expect?

Ireland prides itself as being the home of undeniably one of the best coastal routes in the world – the Wild Atlantic Way. This 1,600-mile seaside road traverses the western part of the Emerald Isle, connecting the northernmost point of Malin Head in County Donegal to the southernmost point of Mizen Head in County Cork.

Launched in 2014, this trail was meant to make the country’s west coast more accessible and consequently, draw in more tourists to the area. So far, this initiative has been successful as visitor numbers grew by 11% just a year after its launch. Nowadays, hundreds of tourists go on a luxury private tour of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Wild Atlantic Way – How Long Do You Need to Complete the Drive?

Encompassing six regions, the entire route takes you to seven counties – Donegal, Sligo, Galway, Mayo, Clare, Kerry and Cork. Over a hundred discovery points dot the route, 15 of which are considered signature points. Described as must-see places, these iconic points include top tourist attractions like the Cliffs of Moher, Sliabh Liag and Mizen Head.

Indeed, completing the drive from end-to-end is akin to exploring the entire country. But exactly how long do you need to complete the Wild Atlantic Way route?

Ideally, you need three to four weeks to cover the entire 1,600-mile and visit most of discovery points. With this length of time, your tour can be as relaxing and enjoyable as can be. You can expect an immersive and productive road trip, one that’s going to give you a deeper appreciation of the Emerald Isle.

“What if you do not have a month?” you may ask. Your luxury tour provider can create a bespoke Wild Atlantic Way tour itinerary that suits your travel goals and schedule. You can count on a competent travel planner to design a trip that allows you to see the best of Ireland’s western region in a grand and leisurely manner.

What to Expect When You Go on A Luxury Wild Atlantic Way Tour

Scenic Vistas

Be ready to be treated to seemingly endless, postcard-worthy sights. There are mesmerising blue beaches and bays which bring an inexplicable sense of calmness despite their untameable tides. Then, there is the diverse landscape that features mystical islands, vast fields, rolling hills and towering cliffs, amongst others.

Moreover, along the tourist trail, you would find a wealth of geological and ancient wonders. In Buren lies one of Europe’s well-preserved archaeological sites. It features monuments some which are older than Egypt’s pyramids. Meanwhile, in County Kerry, you’ll find Skellig Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The towering sea crag served as the site of a monastic community founded between the 6th and 8th century.

One-of-a-Kind, Immersive Experiences

The Wild Atlantic Way drive serves as a gateway to extraordinary activities. You can go dolphin watching in West Cork where pods of around 50 dolphins visit the area between August and November. You can also head to Dingle for more sea marine animals like puffins, seals, basking sharks and minke whales.

In addition, this road trip is an excellent way of gaining an in-depth understanding of Irish history and culture. For example, in Galway, a treasure trove of history, heritage and culture awaits visitors like you. Some of the famous activities include a guided tour of the Gore of Galway and visits to the Galway City Museum and Druid Theatre. On the other hand, if you wish to learn about traditional Irish music and language, you may check out the Aral Islands.

Gastronomic Gems

Some say that the best way to know a country is through its food. The Wild Atlantic Way does exactly this – showcase the Emerald Isle’s vibrant food culture.

You would be setting foot on famous Irish markets where locally grown and artisanal products abound. The most famous of these markets is Cork’s English Market which offers a wide array of items such as delis, fresh bread, olives, artisan cheese, etc.

Cork is also where you’ll find Kinsale – the so-called Gourmet Capital of Ireland. It is the home of gourmet festivals and some of the country’s top restaurants. Café Paradiso, for example, is a renowned restaurant serving vegetarian fare.

You would likewise be sampling a variety of fresh seafood such as mussels, oysters, clams and scallops to name but a few. Fishy Fishy is an eatery which has the enviable reputation of serving the best seafood in Ireland.

Truly, traversing the Wild Atlantic Way is something you have to do if you want to experience the road trip of a lifetime. It is a tour that is certainly going to be enriching and memorable.

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