Pristine Darkness

Ireland after dark

In Ireland’s extreme southwest, on the edge of Europe, overlooking the unpolluted waters of the Atlantic  lies the only gold tier reserve in the whole of the northern hemisphere. The premium place to see the constellations.

Gold Tier Reserve

Come see Ireland after dark, where no artificial lights distract. Is it any wonder the 6th century monks chose this unique natural planetarium, to be nearer creation and the creator!

Only one in the Northern hemisphere

This reserve is the only one in the entire Northern hemisphere and there are only three on the planet. The others, in New Zealand and Africa.

I spoke personally with Julie Ormond today about this pristine award and I am looking forward to the new website that she is launching in the next four weeks. I will be  providing stunning images  and customising  tours incorporating this incredible area and look forward to showcasing this as feature on our website.



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