The Wild Atlantic Way

How wonderful it is for me to welcome all my clients back to Ireland for the summer of 2021. One of my most popular tours is The Wild Atlantic way tour. My beloved Father James Falconer who is one of my most senior chauffeur’s wrote this introduction with me. Being a proud Waterford man he has always disputed the fact that the Wild Atlantic way ends in Cork and therefore all our Award winning tours incorporate West Waterford and Wexford. I would be delighted to speak with you personally and customise your tour of our beautiful Island. Contact me today at

The Wild Atlantic Way tour.
Arguably one of the most popular tours that we at All Ireland chauffeur tours offers. Donegal and the area north of a line between Galway and Dublin is geographically part of the north American continent that drifted in ancient times.
Between Donegal and Mayo lies Sligo Bay (near Coney Island) . Achill Island sight of among the highest cliffs in Europe, where after five glasses of Irish whiskey (the world’s oldest and best) Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty emerge from the Atlantic mist.

The Kingdom of Kerry, where people are so laid back, they often fall over, this is the land of the “Cute Whore”, an expression used by the Kerry folk to describe a devious character and has absolutely no connection with an attractive hooker!
The Unesco world heritage site of Skellig Michael , a 6th century monastic settlement , situated on the top of undersea mountains, 16 miles off shore, the very edge of Europe.
Nearby on the ring of Kerry has been designated the clearest skies in the northern hemisphere , where the constellations shine brilliantly from pristine unpolluted skies.

Eastwards along the coast of west Cork which is inundated with tiny hidden beaches and headlands beautifully interspersed with picturesque villages we head for Kinsale, one of Ireland’s gourmet capitals.
After the Jameson distillery and the historical seaside village of Ardmore where Saint Declan , who first brought christianity to Ireland, is buried lies the magnificient Lismore and its Castle.

The Irish seat of the Duke of Devonshire, in the early 60’s James Falconer Junior drove Fred Astaire, whose sister Edel was married to the brother of the Duke.
The copper coast stretches eastwards to Tramore’s 3 mile beach, the cliffs of Dunmore east forms the entrance to

Waterford’s harbour where all of Ireland’s invaders entered from Pre Celtic, Celtic, Roman, Viking, Norman, Elizabethan, Cromwellian and Victorian.
Hook in Co Wexford , The Greek geographer Ptolemy, who visited Ireland in the 3rd century A.D recorded a brazier /beacon on the hook making it the oldest lighthouse site in western Europe.Hook is where the Atlantic ocean collides with the Irish sea, making it the definite beginning and end of The Wild Atlantic Way.

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